Warkari Section

Brief guide for all the devotees 

A Humble Appeal to Devotees :

Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaon humbly brings into the notice of devotees that the temples, bodies, trusts or institates in the name of shree have following aims and objectives.

Sansthan never indulges into any attempt of getting commercial gain or popularity. It only aims at service to humanity and has great concern to protect the faith of devotees in their religion and faith in shree.

For true faith in god, money is not needed. Rather a true faith or god cannot be bought, where as reasonable money is required for providing facillties and dealings related to it. Numerous devotees frequently contribute with their earnest feelings to Sansthan's noble mission. We solicit the same in future. We also appeal that devotees should contribute as per their capacity where unselfish service is rendered in the name of Shri Gajanan Maharaj but otherwise they should be alert.

It is sad to learn that without focussing on the noble and unselfish objectives of Sansthan, many Temples, Trusts and institutes are being established in the name of Shree. If the intension is pure, we have no problem for temples home to home. And so the devotees should be wise and alert while donating to such temples or trusts. Sansthan feels that the devotees should not get cheated and they should not blndly helps others at the cost of their faith. They should not easily believe in banners, pamphlets, boards, asking for donation in the name of Shri Gajanan Maharaj, but they should check all the details wisely. If they ar cheated, the blame should not be laid on Sansthan and be alert in this regard.

We sincerely feel that such unfair practices of collecting money in the name of shree should not be at the cost of defaming Shri Sansthan.

The overall happenings in society indiratly lead our faith in religion and our culture in danger. Many shrewd and selfish groups are indulged in money making with impure intension. They have nothing to do with religion, faith or service but only aim at money making by befooling the credulous devotees. So devotees should always listen to their conscience. When our country is presently passing throngh a crucial phale, it is the need of an hour to follow the great path shown by saints to make our life meaningfull. Religion and culture is the backbone of India's identity. And we should always support those who work for this noble mission.

Time to time sansthan appeals to devotees to be alert and if any unfair practices of cheating in the name of shree are found, you should bring it into the notice of Sansthan.

Many people/institutes sincerely devote their life for service to humanity. But is it always brought into the notice of society by giving appropiriate coverage, Unfortunately some media persons ignore it but aim at frequently giving publicity to destructive and bad news for selfish motives ? We also appeal them to wisely play the role of media for the welfare of humanity. There is no dearth of devotees having faith in Shree. Their concern and affection for Sansthan is noticed time to time. And so we sincerely appeal the media to use their conscienle while giving publicity to any unwanted incidente. 

Selfish acts of cunning people brought into the notice:

  • Some selfish people claim to have original paduka (Footware), Shree's Chilim (pipe), idol and other things and exhibit it in the society for impure purpose. Devotes should wisely think that if such things are genuine, why they are not hunded over to Sansthan. What is their intersion behind it?

  • Money making in shree's Name by orgenising mass programmes like- Lokshadweep prajwalan, Yadnya etc, Be altert from it.
    Some people cheat others by saying that they got shree's idols ad other things as Prasad. Thus, they play with the sentiments of devotees.Some cunning people used Sansthan's Prasad packets for own benefit.Sansthan once again appeals to be altret and expect that if some people have realy been gifted with such things as shree's blessings, it is their personal matter and they shuld not encash it for their selfishness.

  • Some people emotionally blackmail devotees in the name of Shree by giving pamplets. The matter published in it is neither authentic nor on the record of Sansthan. Hence, instead of getting confused, think wisely and be aware of unfair practices in the name of Shree.