About Shegaon History

Location of Shree Temple

This town was once established by Shrungmuni ancient times and so was known as Shrung gaon. The famous temple of Lord Shiva in this town also gave it recognition as Shivgaon. Later Shivgaon became Shegaon. There might be a few legends about Shegaon but undoubtedly, it has a unique importance and identity. Shegaon mainly known for the arrival of a bounteous, pious and the most noble holy figure, i.e. Shri Gajanan Maharaj and his holy stay. One holy man landed in shegaon and with his omnipotent capacity changed the gloomy picture of this hamlet. He showered the blessings on the people who had barren life and gave them a taste of prosperity, spirituality and a path for meaningful life. Thus, this small village lying in the dark corners of Buldana district emerged as one of the happening places with spiritual touch in Maharastra.