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The brief incarnated life of Shri Gajanan Maharaj

A Human Being's peace of mindis eclipsed, due to five vices like lust(kam), Anger(kridh), Temptation(moh), Jealousy and Hatred (Matsar) and Ego(Ahamkar). So, he/she needs enlightenment to get rid of these vices. The Saints do the noble mission to transform and modify the vices into virtues, through the prayer of God. They show the right path to us for heading a meaningful life. 

On23rd Feb. 1878 a omnipotent holly figure landed in Shegaon, none else but Shri Gajanan Maharaj.

The two wise gentleman in shegaon Bankatlal and Damodar got attracted to a youth, who was almost all bare with radiant face, picking up the particles from the leftover food from the leaf-platters, at the door of Devidas Paturkar. Later he preferred to drink the ordinary water kept for cattle, without any hesitation and left the place. Looking at his queer actions, radiant glow and great philosophical wise speech, Bankatlal felt that he was not an ordinary man but had the noble qualities of Saints. Rest is the history Shegaon witnessed the omnipotent capacity and blessings of Shri Gajanan Maharaj.

Once Shri Govind Maharaj Taklikar from Barshi - Takli had been at Mote Mahadeo Mandir(Lord Shiva's Temple) in Shegaon for Kirtan(Preaching in form of devotional songs and music) and he released that Shri Gajanan Maharaj, was a noble saint, as Shri Gajanan Maharaj, with his great capacities modified the fury and violent behavior of Takalikar Buwa's horse. Before the kirtanbegan, Bankatlal and Pitambar offerd Zunka-Bhakar, (A Traditional Maharastrian food in rural Part) to Shree. Later Pitambar was instructedby Shree to fetch some water from drainage and Lo! What a miracle! It was crystal clear water.

Day by day Bankatlal was greatly inspired with spirituality, blessings and affection of Shree. He expressed his wish that the holy arrival of Shri Gajanan Maharaj should be destined at his home. When Shree gave green signal, Bankatlal bathed Him at his home, worshiped with all devotion and submitted himserj at the spiritual feet of Shree. So was his cusin- Ichcharam. Both became true devotees of Shree. Ichcharam was also very fortunate enough to have Maharaj at his home and he could warship Shree with all devotion at his home.

Once Maharaj had a desire to ignite the pipe at early morning and hence needed light (fire). Some followers approached to a goldsmith - Jankirama. However, he denied. When the disappointed followers returned empty handed, Shree simply flashed smile and with his super natural capacity, ignited the pipe without fire by simply asking Bankatlal to hold the matchstick over the pipe. Later, on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Trutiya, Jankiram had guests at his home but they were frowned to see the unhygienic food with worms. Consequently, the quests were reluctant to eat. Jankiram realized his blunder of not offering light for Shree. To rectify it, he sincerely apologized and started praying for Shree's blessings. The saints are always so generous to forgive. Maharaj blessed Jankiram and the worms in the food disappeared.

Thus, many fortunate people witnessed the super natural capacity of Maharaj. Bhaskar Patil and the villagers were literally taken aback to see the miracle of Maharaj of producing steams of water into the dry well near Akoli-Adgaon (dist-Akola). Bankatlal invited Maharaj in his farm to relish corn. While Shree was in the farm, the honeybeeswere furious due to smoke of fire. To protect themselves, the followers fled away but the messenger of God i. e. Maharaj had no effect of restlessness due to fury of micro creatures. With His spiritual capacity, Maharaj was calm, and quit to stay there.Needless to say, how could the honeybees dare to cause any harm to the spiritual soul!

Maharaj had taught a great lesson to renowned wrestler Shri. Hari Patil and blessed him to get rid of his ego and conceited nature. When, the young boys from Patil family gave blows of sugarcane to Maharaj in Maruti Mandir, the most benevolent holy figure i.e. Shree Maharaj squeezed sugarcanes without any machine and gave the juice to refresh those adamant boys who made blunder to beat him. His great capacity with yogic powers, had totally outwitted the conceited boys of Patil Family At onces all of them surrendered at the feet of Yogiraj. Khandu Patil was deeply sunk in the grief without son for many years. He was lucky enough to get blessed with a son with the blessings of Maharaj.

A person called janrao was suffering with a disease for a long time. The medicine did not work. But the moment he was blessed with the Tirth (The holy water offered by Shree himself), Janrao had a speedy recorery. Similarly Laxman Ghude from Karanja (Dist. Washim) was offered Prasad ( A mango given by Shree himself) and it had much more better results than medicine to cure him. When medical science was not so develop, there was an epidemic of plague and many were victimized. But what a miracle! Shree blessed once such victim of plague - named Pundalik Bhokare. By simply the holy touch of Shree's thumb, in the underarm of Pundalik, he got rid of plague just within two days.

A faithful devotee Pundlik Bhokre had great favors of destiny when Shree blessed him and gave his own footwear (Paduka), to Pundalik. Balakrushna and Putalabai from Balapur were faithful devotees of Samarth Ramdas. Shree appeared before both of them in the form of Samarth Ramdas. A poor devotee from Amravati-Ganeshaappa had a lifetime memory when Maharaj visited his home. On the holy day of Aashadhi Ekadashi (Land Mark Moment celebrated twice every year- Aashadhi and Kartiki Ekadashi in Warkari Sampradaya), Shree held his devotee-Bapuna Kale spell bound by appearing before him as Lord Vitthal in Pandharpur.

On the holy occasion of Somavati Amawasya,Shree Maharaj had been at Omkareshwar (Madhy Pradesh) along with few devotees for holy dip in Narmada River. When they were sailing in boat, the devotees witnessed the most challenging breath taking moment. The water from Narmada encroached into the boat and the devotees felt the risk of submerging in the bed of Narmada. When they had given hope and started looking at Maharaj with an appeal to overcome the situation Shree simply remained calm and smiled at them. Goddess Narmada had an opportunity to pray the messenger of God. She appeared as simple fisherwomen and brought the boat at the shore.
A devotee called Bandutatya was completely frustrated. But Shree gave him hint of the hidden wealth and saved him from committing the sin of suicide. Suklal's cow also had bad beper and violent habits. When cow brought before Maharaj, she gave up her fury and vices and at once submitted herself at the feet of Lord Gajanana. A boastful preacher- Bramhagiri was talking about great philosophy. Listening to that Maharaj sat on a burning cot and invited him for the same. The scared Bramhagiri immediately surrendered and begged pardon of Maharaj for his ego and hypocrisy.

A public meeting on the occasion ofShiv Jayanti (the birth anniversary of the great emperor- Shivaji Maharaj) had the two legend on the same platform- Shri Gajanan Maharaj and Lokmanya Tilak(A great freedom fighter). After the effective speech of Lokmanya Tilak, Maharaj made prophecy that the British rule in India shall declare the sentence of imprisonment of Tilak. Shree's words came true and Tilak was detained in the prison of Mandale (Myanmar). But, Shree's blessings and Prasad of Bhakari (Traditional preparation of Maharasthra, i.e. pancake of Jawar grain) had great favour on Tilak. In the prison, the extraordinary wisdom of Tilak gave birth to a landmark Book- Geeta Rahasya.

Apart from this, many people witnessed grate spiritual power of Maharaj and his miracles such- to cure leprosy, to travel in women's compartment of train, to bring dead dog to life etc ( As per the authorized base of Shri Gajanan Vijay Granth).

Maharaj used to chant the Bhajan(Devotional song) "Gani Gan Ganat Bote" and hence people started calling him Gajanan Maharaj. His devotees would offer him precious ornaments, rich clothes, money or eatables. But the one who was beyond all this material pleasure had no interest in it and so Maharaj would not touchanything of it. Even he would care neither for food nor for clothes. People would find him anywhere either lying or moving freely as per their desire. ('Paramahans'A state of divine quality).

The moment he had the intuition of the order of the Almighty to conclude his incarnated life, Shri Gajanan Maharaj informed the devotees accordingly and on 8th Sept. 1910 went for eternal meditational in the proximity of God. While he was alive, i.e. he took Samadhi.