About Sansthan

History of Sansthan 

(The information based on the original documents of Sansthan) 

In the holy presence of Shri Gajanan Maharaj the body of 12 trustees was unanimously formed on 12-09-1908 with an objective to co-memorate this holy place where Shree hinted for Samadhi.

Specially to note, this Sansthan came into existence in 1908 in the holy presence of Shree Maharaj. Because Shree Maharaj had foretold ‘Ya Jagi Rahil Re’ hinted at the specific place and day for his Samadhi.

On 12-09-1909 a joint meeting was held as per the instructions of Maharaj in the grocery shop of Late Narayan Kadtaji Patil, where Shree’s devotees, Shegaon’s citizens and tradesmen had a brainstorming on the arrangements to be made in the Sansthan. Maharaj also present in this meeting. ThusSansthan’s first working committee was established 

A Blackstone from Wadegaon, Balapur (around 30 kms from Shegaon) area was brought. The masons from Nagpur, Late Kisan Mistri and Late Khandu Mistri innovatively created the Samadhi temple. On the holy occasion of the completion of 100 Years of Samadhi, the Shree temple was renovated with marble stones and was also made specious.

Temple before and after renovation 


The rules directed by Shree Maharaj in the first meeting of trustees are implemented even today. Such as:- 

1) Nobody should touch Shree. 2) Female devotees should use the entrance gate in the West and male devotees should use the gate in the East while coming for Darshan.3) Female devotees should not stay in the temple during night and others should not stay for more than 3 days. 4) Do not touch money, do not store it and do not stop the journey. 5) One volunteer should be exclusively appointed to serve drinking water to the devotees who visit the temple. Such volunteer should be give honorarium as a 3/- rupees. Thus there are nine rules. From the very first day of its establishment, all decisionswere unanimously finalized. Shegaon temple has a great tradition of Service and Maharaj never preferred Guru, Shishya, Gadi Parmpara [Guru- Disciple and taking and handing over the authorities].

The devotees were not allowed to enter in the Gabhara [for darshan or to offer Naivaidya i. e. the food offered to Lord,] in order to maintain the purity.

Inception of Shre Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaon

The most important feature of the Shree Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan is that is was formed in the presence of Shree Gajanan Maharaj in the year 1908 by His divine grace. His yogic prowess enabled Him to specify the date and place of His samadhi well in advance. His words ‘Ya jaagi raaheel’ meaning ‘Will stay here’ were prophetic. Through the initiative of His closest disciples, a conference comprising of Shree’s devotees and the villagers and businesspersons of Shegaon was organized at late Shri Narayan Kadtaji Patil’s store on 12thSeptember 1908 (Ashwin shukla 1, Sanvat 1885), under the guidance of Shree Gajanan Maharaj according to His instructions. The Sansthan came into existence in His divine presence.