Sansthans services/Facilities for Devotees

With the aim of putting into practice its ideology of "Sarve Bhavantu Sukhenah" (May all be Happy), the Sansthan has undertaken several social services for devotees.

The Sansthan has taken several measures to make the stay of devotees in shegaon as comfortable as possible.

Bus Service for Devotees (Transport Service/Facility)

At Shegaon railway station, there is an information counter for the devotees. Based on the arrival timing of trains, there is a bus service to transport the devotees from the station to bus stand and to temple free of cost. Buses are also available to go to the Anand Sagar complex too. There are total of five buses that are functional day and night.

Bhaktaniwas (Accomodation Service/Facility)

In order to provide good lodging facilities to the devotee in Shegaon, the Sansthan has constructed two lodges with in all 161 rooms, just outside the temple omplex. Such lodges at pilgrimage site are known as "Bhaktaniwas". Beside, at a distance of 5 minutes by walk from the temple complex, there is another Bhaktaniwas complex with 417 rooms. some of these rooms are air conditioned(AC). The rooms in these lodges are available on "first come first serve" basis. Minimal cost is charged for these rooms through no advance reservation of these rooms is done. All these constructed between 1980 and 1995.

Furthermore, taking into consideration the ever growing number of devotees coming to Shegaon, another Bhaktaniwas facilty called "Anand VIhar" is being developed in the vicinity of Anand Sagar complex at a short distance from the temple. In the first phase of these project, around 900 rooms will be constructed. In the vicinity, there will be another complex called "Anand Visava" to accommodate 5,000 devotees.

Mahaprasad Service/Facility

Sansthan has made arrangement for free of cost meal which is consumed by devotees as "Mahaprasad". To the south of the temple lies a building where lunch(Mahaprasad) is distributed on the ground floor to the devotees from 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM. The devotees queue up and enter the large hall where at the entrence they are served Mahaprasad. It is belived that no devotee can be forced to come to this place and nobady leaves the place without "prasad".

Including the main Kitchen in the temple and other kitchens in the bhaktaniwas, there are total 18 different places where meal are prepared. almost 33,600 quintal of wheat, rice,'toor dal'(pigeon pea), chana dal (chick pea), sugar, oil and ghee are required and 6,300 quintals of kohala(pumpkin), potato and other vegitables required.

Services in Medical Field

Considering that "Health is wealth" the Sansthan has undertaken several projects to provide medical facilities to as many as possible. In order to treat the petients and provide them with medicines, the Sansthan has started an outpetient department. The patients pay a nominal registration fee. Almost 35 expert Doctors from Shegaon and outside serve the petients from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 Am to 11.30 AM and 3.00 PM to 6.00 PM. Service to the mankind especially the poor and sick, is the motto.

  1. Charitable Ayurvedic Clinic : In 1963 the Sansthan has started the charitable Ayurvedic clinic in order to continue the tradition of ancient Indian system of medicine and to let maximum number of devotees benifit from this system. Till Jan 2010 at this clinic.
  2. Charitable Allopathic Clinic : With the ami of providiing latest medical treatment to devotee petient at minimal cost, the Sansthan started the Charitable Allopathic clinic in 1974. Pathalogy division, Injection division, First aies division, Saline division are active in the same primises. A saline cost only Rs. 10/- in this clinic. If a petient needs further treatments elsewhere or if a patient is almost in the last stage and needs special attention then these petient are transported to hospital outside Shegaon. For this purpose the sansthan has latest well equipped ambulances. Till Jan 2010, 74,88,706 devotees have been treated in this clinic.
  3. Charitable Homeopathy Clinic: In order to provide health facilities of various types, the Sansthan started a Charitable Homeopathy clinic in 1973. Till Jan 2010, about 38,19,520 petient have made use of this service.

Other then this Sansthan has

Eye Surgery Camps,Mobile Clinics, Mobile Clinics in tribal regions

Dr. Vikram Pandit Rural Health Care Centre,Medical Aid Centre, Participation in National Programmes and Aid for Leprosy Patients.

services in Educational field

Education is primordial for development of any society. Recognising the importance of education, the Sasthan has undertaken the task of developing a variety of education centers where the young are well groomed. Knowing the importance of Education. The sansthan decided to enter into the field and "Shri Gajanan Shikshan Sanstha" was registered in 1983.

Shri Sant Gajanan Mahraj English Medium School:-
In order to provide good quality education to student in rural area so that they do not lag behind in comparison with student from urban areas. the Sansthan startted an English Medium School on 1st July 1986 at Shegaon. The school has classes from nursery to 12th standard. The school has bus service to pick up and drop the student home.

Shri Sant Gajanan Mahraj College of Engineering:-
As the Sansthan understand the value of higher education it started Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Engineering College in 1983. The college campus is spread over 72 acres of land and comprises colege building, 7 Hostels, well equipped library, sports center, medical center, parking lot, self generated electricity generation centre, ATM, Administrative building, guest house, auditorium, STD/ISD telephone booth, Photocopy center, Staff quarters, consumer stores, nurssery and plantation unit etc. (

Residential school for the mentally challenged:
Many mentally challenged are not accepted in the mainstream society. To change this situation and to make them self relient, The Sansthan started the Residential school for mentally challenged in 1998 at Shegaon. Student from any part of Maharashtra can register in this school. The school has special hostel facility. The school has almost 150 students. These students have own 3 Gold Medails and several certificates at National Level.

Residential school for the tribals:
In the Satpura mountainous region there are several pockets of tribal areas that are difficult to access. The tribal childrens in these region are usally deprived of education. The Sansthan has started school for tribal in Shegaon. They receive formal education from 1st to 10th standard. They are also trained in physical education, gymnastics, thread making, tailoring and knitting. In 2004 this school ranked second among the tribal school in state and was facilitated by Governor of Maharashtra.

Apart from this Sansthan have many services/ facilities likes

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