Medical College with Hospital:

Sansthan process to build a Hospital with 500 Beds with most recent facilities. The treatment of all diseases will be given by expert doctors.

After completion of the Hospital, the Sansthan will propose to open a Medical College.

Sansthan's aim is to give services to the sick and the poor patients; so that no one could remain untreated if there is no money with him/her. "Shiv Bhave Jeev Sewa" service to a man (patient) is service to God as Swami Vivekanand said, is the motto of Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan here.

Mobile Hospital for Yatras in Maharashtra:

Sansthan has decided to send the Mobile Hospital with all the medicinal facilities to the places where Yatras or Utsavas are held.

Swami Vivekanand Cultural Centre:

The construction work of this multiple complex center has already started.

It consist of:

  1. Sadhu Niwas:
  2. Lecture Hall
  3. Library: An advance Library for spiritual development.
  4. Art Gallery: To preserve Indian cultural Heritage.
  5. Matru Sewa Sangh: For those woman who has no one to support. They will be trained in Tailoring, printing etc. Computers will be provided to the helpless woman.
  6. Centre for Nature Cure and Health Club: For nearly 500 afflicted. They will be treated here.

Shri Sant Gajanan Maharaj Anand-Sagar Project:

    1. Thousands of devotees from all over Maharashtra and other states visit Shegaon to have the Darshana of Gajanan Maharaj and pay homage.
    2. After pooja-archana & Darshana, they are charged with holy & tious atmosphere of mandir and its work.
    3. Naturally, they want to prolong their stay and pass their time at the mandir.
    4. As it is (Shegaon is) a tiny town cell it has not any attractive places.
    5. So the Sansthan decided to create religious cultural educational atmosphere and activities on a broad span with some fun and entertainment.
    6. And this is what the prestigious Anand-Sagar project will do.
    7. This will be dream come true.

What activities the Anand-Sagar will include?

    1. It will be spread on 325 acre of land.
    2. It will have a huge water reservoir and spread over 55 acres of Land.
    3. The land will beautify by planting 50000 trees of different types.
    4. An artificial Island of size of 300' x 60' x 40' will be created in the center of the Pond.
      1. A replica of Swami Vivekanand Center at KanyaKumari will be created on the Island.
      2. The 60' x 40' hall as Dhyan Kendra will be constructed and
      3. A statue of Swami Vivekanand of the size of 30'-35' will be created and established.
      4. To reach there on the Island and pay homage to the great Swamiji the facility of "Nauka-nayan" will be made available.
      5. To go there and sit at feet of Swami will give necessary "Manah Shanti" and satisfaction.
    5. Nature is the unpolluted creation of God almighty. Sadhus and sanyasis prefer nature. Tapaswis have their mind concentration and manah shanty in rich natural vanas. Sansthan plans to create such and isolated places which could give them feelings of rich jungles with small kuties to dwell in and water current here and there. So that such people can have unhindered sadhana with the Adhyatmic literature at hand. Mahaprasada also would be available there. It will be called Sadhana Sthali.
    6. To spread the preaching of Sant Shri Gajanan Maharaj a unique project of "Light and Sound " show highlighting important events and philosophy of life of Gajanan Maharaj will be created. An amphitheatre of 1500 capacity will be developed for this purpose.
    7. A big Amphitheatre with the capacity of 3500 seats will be created in this project. For organizing cultural activities, exhibitions, and functions.
    8. Besides, the above schemes the Sansthan also plans to create an Amusement Park and Tourists center.
      1. There is no special arrangement in Vidarbha, Marathwada and Khandesh to attract and entertain the Tourists, Darshanarthies or Bhavik Bhaktas.
      2. Hence, an amusement center on line of ESSEL WORLD or DISNEY LAND will be tried and constructed here. It will spread on 50 to 60 acres of Land. It will be called Anand Vihar.
      3. Amusement park will be place to enjoy and relax for persons of all ages with beautiful landscape spread over 60 acres of land. It will have different types of Restaurants with diverse Indian varieties of Food. Apart from entertainment, it will provide the glimpses of modern sciences and technology. And the entire project will be centered around a religious theme.
    9. Sansthan also plans to create and develop water games on international level. A smaller Lake on 15 acres of land will be developed for this water park.
    10. Children's Park will also be there it will have mini train, electronic museum, computer toys (electronic toys) and many other such items.
    11. Different types of fountains will be developed with a theme wherein a culminated point will be the musical fountain. This will give music on the tunes of Bhajans on Gajanan Maharaj. And this will be the water fountain museum.
    12. Center for Rural Culture & crafts:Our country has a rich culture & heritage of thousands of years for the benefit of the devotee's sansthan proposes to start a center of rural culture & crafts. Variety of items of handicrafts, statues, pictures, photograph etc along with the dishes, from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujrat etc. i.e. from all over India will be kept.
    13. Shri Gajanan Vasahat (Residential Colony) OR Gajanan Vihar :It is but natural that the devotees would like to have a place at the feet of Gajanan Maharaj.To humor this wishes the sansthan has decided to build 1000 flats houses of five different types i.e. one room, one room kitchen, two room kitchen, row houses & Banglows with all facilities by sharing the construction cost with devotees. Devotees can paying nominal charges. The ownership rights of these apartments will rest with sansthan.
    14. Besides all this, the project will have aquarium, Jantar Mantar, Zoo, Rock garden, Bhul-Bhulaiya,Minars, fountains etc.
    15. For the devotees visiting this project the facilities like super market, parking, banking service, Post office, Railway Booking Booth, Medical help etc. will be created.
    16. Water Supply Scheme:For all the above projects and other activities water are ample quantity (about 100 Lac per Day) will be needed. So a lift irrigation has been implemented at Shri Kshetra Nagzari on ManRiver and a pipe line of 350 mm diameter has been laid over a distance of 9 kms to carry the water, pumped by 180 HP electrical pump sets to the Anand-sagar reservoir.

The scheme has increased the water level of nearly wells which is an indirect benefit to nearly dwellers & farmers.

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